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Single Caliper Disc Brake Adapter 14 Bolt Semi Float 6 Lug Rear

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These Billet Aluminum Single Caliper Disc Brake Adapters are the perfect place to start when converting your 1988 - 1998 GM 14 bolt vehicle from drum brakes to disc brakes.  The adapters work on 14 bolt semi float drum rear ends 6 Lug.  Utilize the included parts list to put together a complete kit to save you time and money. Select the option below for parking brake or NON parking brake brackets. They are different and NOT interchangable between parts. When completed the NON parking brake setup parts are much cheaper if you do NOT need to retain the parking brake.


***May require custom spacing due to small GM differences in the 14 Bolt Rear ends. We do not know why they do this, but we have yet to find a pattern!!***

***Axle Removal IS REQUIRED for 14 Bolt Setups!!!***


Includes - 2 Brackets, 2 Spacers, Grade 8 Hardware, and Parts List for the parts that fit these brackets


All Parts Proudly Made in the U.S.A!!!