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88-98 Door Roller Spring Catch Arm

$25.00 - $50.00
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Door still popping even after you changed the roller? Typically these arms are the cause. When they wear unevenly and break your factory roller off chances are its damaged. They get wore to a "point" instead of a nice smooth rounded hill. These will not be the easiest to replace and drilling/cutting maybe required. These come with a bolt, washer, locknut, and bushing to fit the inside of the arm. Direct bolt in after the original is removed completely. Made from a stainless steel to prevent rust from happening.


Set Includes - 1 bolt, 2 washers, 1 lock nut, 1 bushing, and 1 arm

3 Reviews

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    Roller spring catch arm

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 6th 2024

    Installation was easy once you removed the old ones. Removing the old ones was the hard part. The door's work very smoothly now.

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    Installed easily

    Posted by Rick Gargurevich on Jan 20th 2024

    However, getting the old one out was a PIA! After I air-chiseled off the rivet, it still wouldn't drive out since the hole in the hinge had a huge chamfer in it and the old rivet was peened into it. I had to grind out the interference with a die grinder. The new one went right in and has a lot less sloppy of a fit compared to the old one. Like the roller, it can be easily replaced if needed, but I think it will last forever. Great product!

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    Perfect Fix for Poor Manufacturer Design

    Posted by Mark Thornton on Sep 21st 2023

    So thankful for companies that produce parts that compensate for poor designs by the manufacturer. Stumbled across this part and love that I don't have to replace the whole hinge (or door) to get my door fixed!